Autom. Optical Level 32 Plus Set

Robust and reliable levelling instrument with high-performance lenses for use in the construction industry


This waterproof and dust-tight levelling instrument with high-performance lenses is ideal for applications in the construction industry. A precise, air-damped compensator provides the device with automatic horizontal adjustment of the target line. Distances are determined with the aid of the marks on the crosshairs with easy conversion of the display value from centimetres to metres (multiplier 100). An easy-to-use mirror assists alignment with a circular bubble level. A horizontal circle with infinite vernier adjustment facilitates precise targeting. Manual controls ensure convenient operation for the user. Lightweight aluminium tripod with spherical mounting surface for quick alignment of the AL 32. The stable levelling staff is suitable for use under extreme conditions.

Technical Data:

Technical Data080.85-1 Autom.Nivellier 32 Plus Set
TitleOptical levelling instrument kit
einstellbarer Fokus
Schnellvisierung und Feinjustage
horizontale Winkelbestimmung
Standard deviation1,0 mm / km
Magnification telescope32 x
Dämpfung KompensatorAir damping
Kompensationszeit< 2 s
Graduation / Horizontal circle360°-Horizontalkreis - 1°
Tripod connection5/8" thread
Protection classIP 64
Temperatur (Arbeitsbedingungen)-20°C … 50°C

Package Contents:
  • AL 32
  • lightweight aluminium coupling tripod 165 cm
  • telescopic levelling staff LT 5 m
  • Plumb bob
  • socket wrench
  • adjusting pin
  • carrying belt
  • carrying case

Productinfosheet not available.

Manual not available.

Automatic levelling instruments

Industrial Quality (IQ) / Professional Technology (PT):





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