PrecisionPlane-Laser 3G Pro

Three-dimensional laser with three green 360° laser circles and adaptable metal base


This laser projects three extremely bright, green circles, perfect for precise levelling of horizontals, verticals and slopes. The device aligns itself automatically to save time. Optical signals warn the user when the unit is outside its self-levelling range. The adaptable metal base and rotatable housing with vernier adjustment mechanism allow the laser lines to be precisely positioned. The optional receiver allows laser lines to be identified over long distances, perfect for outdoor applications. The extremely powerful lithium-ion batteries ensure long operating life.

Package Contents:
  • PrecisionPlane-Laser 3G
  • metal base with vernier adjustment and rubber caps
  • Li-ion battery packs with external charger
  • network/charging device incl. international adapter
  • batteries
  • carrying case

Productinfosheet not available.

Precise sensor lasers

Industrial Quality (IQ) / Professional Technology (PT):





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