Quadrum M350 S

Fully automatic rotary lasers with an extremely durable design


– Robust waterproof housing. – Sensor Automatic: fully automatic alignment via electronic positioning motors controlled by temperature-stable sensors. – ADS tilt: automatic shutoff by ADS (Anti-drift system) when there is an external disturbance. – SpotLite marking: prevents parallax error and eases exact marking of the reference height. – The additional reference beam makes it easier to plumb and align partition walls. – The SensoMaster M350 an extreme large reception field, front and rear side LC displays – with a display of distance to laser level accurate to the millimetre. – A manual slope mode permits the layout of gradients up to 5 °. – All functions of the rotary laser can be controlled with the remote control from up to 40 m. – The 4 IR receiving diodes allow this instrument to be remotely operated from all sides. – Transport Lock: a special motor lock protects the unit during the transport. – Integrated safe-operating concept.

Package Contents:


Manual not available.

Rotary lasers

Industrial Quality (IQ) / Professional Technology (PT):





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