VideoScope Plus Set

Compact inspection camera for visual inspections of areas which are difficult to access – featuring record function


– The camera head on the flexible cable transmits images directly to the LC monitor. – Problem locating: the camera indicates what is behind or in objects, walls circuits or cables etc. even under worst light conditions, due to the LED-lighting. – REC-Function: still picure and video can be recorded for a later analysis. – Waterproof camera head and cable – Ideal for difficult accessibly areas due to the small measuring head (ø 9 mm) – Diversified application with 2 m camera. – Powerful object lighting thanks to 4 high-performance LEDs – Extraneous light reduction: contrasty LC-Display which provides an optimum display even under light irridation. – External monitors operated via TV Out connection – Formattable SDHC-Card – Rotation: The manual image rotation function enables the image to be rotated by 180° on the monitor. TopGuide for 9 mm camera head – Guide sleeve – optimal gliding on uneven surfaces

Package Contents:
inclusive carrying case, TopGuide, USB/REC cable, batteries


Video inspection

Industrial Quality (IQ) / Professional Technology (PT):





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